My Website Note

Hey, my name is Deepak. This is a website i made with no goal or plans. I must say, the reason for which i started working with this.... is something peculiar.I am a college student who has lot of interest in troubleshooting things through dexterity. I had a problem, everything i mastered collapsed in my memory and scrambled my repertoire of things that i learnt. I messed up by wondering "do i know/remember" or where(how) should i start. Everything needed me to be in touch with that,which is a taxing task for a hectic internet learner like me.Ofcourse i cannot find the same page in the internet or book where i inferred many things, this certainly will take a longer time. So, i started recording all my inferances in my cellphone and had it in my hard disk but still my intuition kept saying "what if your hard disk goes haywire?". Unexpectedly i had an idea of uploading everything into facebook but everybody would comment on it. Then bingo.. Youtube! wow! cool. I made my first upload and made my friends Joe and manoj to view it.They gave comments but appreciated. Long hours of browsing made me know that i could make money through these videos if i make them public so i recorded,uploaded and shared them in facebook, one in fifty liked and commented so i started making more friends.Obviously i started learning much of things to increase the videos, i must say youtube encouraged me and boosted me to learn more.Eventually i learnt Webdesigning and thought of having a website of my own and thus came actually means 'A tasty small piece of food', ofcourse what i learnt and did is a small piece of what is there available in the internet but i believe mine is tasty because its my recipe, ha ha . I hope you all will like my tidbit, God bless Tidbitters. 

           Chris dee.............:)